Vegetable Gardening Tips

Some tips about vegetable gardening from garden thermometers - Fresh Vegetables picked from the garden when they are at their very best are the culmination of all the hard work and skill, which you, the gardener has put into your garden or allotment.

Eating food produced in your own garden provides you with the satisfaction of knowing exactly where the food has come from and how it has been handled/grown - unlike vegetables from the supermarket.

Choose a spot that gets plenty of sun; one that ideally faces south. Mark out the bed and dig the area to break up the ground and improve the drainage. Add manure or other organic matter; use home-made compost or a commercial soil improver. Use narrow, raised beds as these make gardening less tiring - they take a lot of the strain out of gardening and reduce the amount of bending.They also increase the soil depth and/or drainage for shallow or poorly drained soils

Growing your own vegetables is one of the best aspects of gardening to many people. It has several benefits too. Firstly it can help you physically get in shape as a useful form of exercise and it can also boost your psychological well-being. Home grown also scores highly against similar produce found in your local supermarket on two counts. It will cost far less to grow your own and, secondly, your home grown vegetables are likely to taste better too.

Furthermore, you and your family are far more likely to eat the recommended 5 portions of vegetables a day if you grow your own if you don’t already do so.

You will also benefit from knowing exactly where your vegetables have come from and what has been used in the growing process unlike in the supermarkets where we are never quite sure how and where the produce has been grown or what they use to preserve it for as long a shelf life date as possible. It is worth bearing in mind that the longer the time between a vegetable being picked and being eaten, the more goodness it loses so growing your own makes a lot of sense for so many different reasons.


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