pH Care Guide
This pH care guide comes free with every ETI pH meter and contains information on pH, plus how to maintain and calibrate your pH meter
Thermometer Care
A thermometer it is an instrument with sensitive components that can be damaged by misuse. Cases should not be dropped or placed on hot surfaces
Hydroponics Guide
Hydroponics is often defined as the cultivation of plants in water. Research has since determined that many different aggregates or media will support plant growth; therefore, the definition of hydroponics has been broadened to read "the cultivation of plants without soil."
Gardening Tips
Monthly Gardening Tips - Some tips about gardening from home & garden thermometers - If you're wanting to know how to grow fruit and vegetables, then look no further. Our gardening tips page is a month by month calendar of jobs to do and contains some great advice on how to grow and care for your plants and crops.
Cooking Time Guide
How do you know if your food is perfectly cooked? Knowing the core temperature of meat, fish and poultry is essential if you want to ensure your food is cooked to perfection. Here is a guide that allows you to gauge the temperature your food should be when right - every time.
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